Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Annoying sales tactics

A month or two ago I attended a dance event at Voortrekker High School which was well attended. Plenty of ladies and few gentlemen - what could be better? Well let's just say that almost none of the ladies were in my target market.

One of the few gentlemen was selling himself as a dance instructor. He obviously knew his way around the floor, that isn't the issue. What annoyed me was how he pitched his sale: in terms of a presupposition that whatever dance instructor you have now, must be a retard. He, of course, could teach you to dance the "right way" (his way, no doubt).

What is it about dance instructors that they seem to be so bitchy? Didn't their mommies teach them to share or what? Mine taught me that unless you have something good to say about someone, don't say it at all.


  1. Well at least I understood this one well enough to comment.

    Now if only I had something to say. .

  2. Wait. I have a question. You still doing salsa?

  3. No, not doing salsa anymore. I think I got salsa burnout. I haven't done salsa in so long I think I'm forgetting all the salsa-fu I once had.