Friday, September 4, 2009

Preparing for slow foxtrot (Line 1)

I'm not really sure if that's the name of the dance, but that's what I'm doing at our upcoming showcase. Sometime end of October I believe. As Brian said, it does feel quite "flow-ey" and "lazy" and natural. Seems to be a low-acceleration dance, unlike something like the jive.

I think I'm just over halfway through our routine. I think I'm getting it, but there are a few tricky spots where I have to be careful, otherwise I tool it. Luckily my dance partner Alexa (also my teacher) is a young hot blonde so I guess nobody will notice my mistakes. Sometimes it's good to blend into the background.

There's a sort of "star" shape to our lines of dance. Not a sharp one, just a bit of a central "pull": we dance toward the center and then out again, at a different angle. Not really through the center, just a vague gravitation towards it.

While we've picked a track to which to dance, I need to be careful to pick the start properly. The music has a "quick-quick-slooow" rhythm, and our dance starts on the second "quick", which is a bit unnatural. I have no idea how orthodox any of this is, but even if it isn't, it doesn't really bother me.

First line:
  1. Quick(2)-slow, starting left, both steps on heels
  2. quick-quick, starting left, on balls of feet
  3. slow-quick-quick, starting left, and starting a leftward turn. First step angles the foot, quick-quick completes the turn, 2nd quick being a step backwards. Heel, toe, toe.
  4. slow-quick-quick, starting right, rolling onto heel whilst turning left some more. I think 1st quick is a bit like a step sideways to the left? Both quicks on balls of feet.
  5. slow-quick-quick, a repeat of 3 above
  6. slow-quick-quick, a step back then a rocking movement without moving feet, just transferring weight

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